Campus Pastor Update: Matt Werner


UPDATE: Matt has been unanimously voted as our new Dripping Springs Campus Pastor!

Matt and Sarah have been in Austin their whole lives. Meeting at Bowie High School, and marrying later as high school sweethearts, they are now expecting their first child who will meet the world this Easter.

Attending Covington Middle School, Matt walked across the Bannockburn parking lot every day after school to spend time at the animal hospital his father built and has continued to run for the past 30 years at William Cannon and Brodie Lane. He attended Texas A&M before receiving his call to ministry, which then led him to Concordia University in downtown Austin.

Matt has been preparing for this position for over a decade when he began his Biblical studies and his full-time ministry. Over the years Matt has served in nearly every facet of ministry-worship, education, small groups, youth, teaching, missions, production, creative arts, and preaching. He has had the opportunity to preach in many settings including large youth camps (in and out of state), pastors’ conferences in Uganda, worship conferences in Arizona and Texas, men’s conferences in Nicaragua, and various churches around Texas. Connecting the narrative of Jesus to the everyday story of His people is one of Matt’s greatest passions.

Sarah grew up in the church. Her father (who lives in Belterra) has been a music minister in Austin at the same church for over 30 years, and her mother went to Baylor to study music. One could say that music is in her blood! She’s led worship for many churches including The Austin Stone, Lake Hills Church, Bethany Lutheran Church, and Austin Christian Fellowship. She’s taken this gift of music to her current passion as a voice teacher. This passion is only rivaled by her other passion…Aggie football.

Like many of us they have witnessed the changes to our ever-expanding city, and like many of us they are excited about the opportunity to meet this transformation with the transforming work of Jesus. Matt’s family is from Oak Hill, just on the edge of Dripping Springs, and he has always dreamed of bringing the Gospel home. Their genuine call to Dripping Springs is met with the timely need for the love and family of Christ in Dripping. They have been looking forward to pastoring Dripping Springs long before Bannockburn knew them, and they eagerly await the opportunity to serve alongside all of you as we pursue the mission of Christ together!