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We believe that the Christian faith was never meant to be lived alone. Simply put, we are better together. And at Bannockburn, that means we strongly encourage everyone to be involved in a small group Bible study called a Life Group.

Life Groups are simply small groups of people coming together weekly to study God’s Word and to better connect with each other. They meet throughout the year in 10 week increments in people’s homes, on our campus or even in coffee shops. Most groups’ curriculum consists of a sermon-based study and discussion.

If you would like to know more about Life Groups, feel free to contact Clay Barton, our Discipleship Pastor, at 512-892-2703 or

Faciane Life Group

WHEN: Sundays @ 5PM
WHO: Married Couples
WHERE: Slaughter & FM1826

Children’s Ministry

WHEN: Sundays @ 7PM
WHO: Children’s Ministry Leaders
WHERE: Tarrytown
LEADER: Carla Dillard

Bales Life Group

WHEN: Wednesdays @ 6:30PM
WHO: Mixed/Multi-Generation
WHERE: South Austin Campus
LEADER: Drew Bales
childcare provided

Married Young Adults

WHEN: Sundays @ 7PM
WHO: Young Adults
WHERE: Manchaca & Slaughter
LEADER: Stephen Sargent

Simons Life Group

WHEN: Tuesdays @ 7PM
WHO: Mixed/Married/Single/Multi-Age
WHERE: Dripping Springs
LEADER: Traci Simons

Barton Life Group

WHEN: Mondays @ 7PM
WHO: Mixed/Multi-Generation
WHERE: Dripping Springs
LEADER: Clay Barton

Middle Age Men

WHEN: Tuesdays @ 6AM
WHO: Men
WHERE: South Austin Campus
LEADER: Al Schimming

Young Female Single Professionals

WHEN: Mondays @ 7PM
WHO: Single Professionals
WHERE: Slaughter & Manchaca
LEADER: Laura Chapman

Louis Life Group

WHEN: Tuesdays @ 5PM
WHO: Mixed/Multi-Generation
WHERE: Circle C
LEADER: Rotating Leaders

Fathers Life Group

WHEN: Tuesdays @ 8:30PM
WHO: Fathers of Young Children
WHERE: Starbucks @ Brodie & Slaughter
LEADER: Brent Kratky

Rudolph Life Group

WHEN: Fridays @ 7PM
WHO: Married Couples
WHERE: Manchaca & FM1626
LEADER: Nathan Rudolph

Stevens Life Group

WHEN: Tuesdays @ 7PM
WHO: Mixed/Married/Single/Multi-Age
WHERE: Ann Lewis home
LEADER: Mike Stevens

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sermon Based Life Group?

A Life Group is an off campus Bible study, typically in a home, made up of 10-14 people who meet weekly to share, study and support one another. A trained leader and host lead each group. An average meeting lasts for one hour or so, followed by light refreshments.

Why should I join a Life Group?

We are firmly convinced that followers of Jesus are better together. The Christian life is not intended to be lived in isolation, but in community with God, and with each other. Mutual love, consistency and authenticity, coupled with the study of God’s word, are the marks of a gospel-centered Life Group.

When and where do they meet?

Life Groups meet on various nights of the week in homes throughout the Austin area. Daytime groups likewise occur throughout the area. Bannockburn’s campus facilities are also an acceptable location, if necessary.

How long do they last?

Each weekly session lasts an hour or so, depending on the decisions of the Life Group. Each Life Group term is divided into quarterly sessions typically running for 10 consecutive weeks. We have Fall, Winter and Spring terms. At the conclusion of the Spring term, Life Groups will take a summer break until the new quarter begins. Also, at the end of every term, you have the choice to remain in your Life Group, try a new group, or simply take a break.

What commitment must I make?

Joining a Life Group requires a 9-10 week commitment to listen to the pastor’s sermon, review the study questions/homework and attend weekly meetings. Obviously allowances are made for sickness, vacations, work emergencies, etc. But nothing beats the commitment of a small group of people to each other, and to the Bible. The first 3 weeks of every new term are “excuse free” trial periods. Attend a group. See if it is a good fit for you. If not, feel free to stop attending. No hard feelings. No questions asked!

What will we study?

Each lesson is based on the previous Sunday’s sermon. Having listened to and pondered a 30-40 minute teaching on a particular passage or topic, now go even deeper with follow-up questions, additional biblical passages, discussion and further points of application.

What does it cost?

Nothing… except the commitment to a small group of people for 9-10 weeks at a time. Although the financial cost is free, we do expect each participant to take seriously their duty to listen to the sermon, do the “homework,” and engage in the weekly gathering. We will even ask you to sign a “covenant” together with your group evidencing your pledge to give it a try.

How do I choose a group?

We encourage you to select a group based upon its leaders, and the station of life of its members. Geographic or location based decisions are usually poor reasons to join a group. Rather, find a group in a common stage of life and/or area of interest. For example, Singles, Young Marrieds, Young Families, Parents of K-6, Single Parents, Parents of Teens, Empty Nesters, and Senior Adults are all great groupings of Christ followers for Life Groups. These groupings are intentionally kept loose so that you have the flexibility to explore. Remember, there is nothing wrong with trying a group and later changing to another! Feel free to contact the church if you need help finding just the right group.

How do I sign up?

Before each Life Group quarter begins there are three ways to sign up: online, at our weekend services, or by calling the church office. During the weekend services, Life Group staff members are available at the sign-up booths to help you choose a group and answer any questions. Also at the booths you will find general information about each Station in Life, and the rough geographic area of each leader’s location.

There are three sign-up weekends: before the beginning of our Fall Quarter, before our Winter Quarter in January and before our Spring Quarter in March/April.

We will also offer “Intro Growth Groups” which run for three weeks in the Fall, Spring and Summer. These groups are designed for people new to Life Groups who would like to find out how they work and what they are all about.

You can call the Life Group office at any time to speak to Life Group staff members who can assist you in finding and signing up for a group, or answer any questions at 512.892.2703.