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 512 exists to….
  1. BUILD a safe environment where women of all ages, religious backgrounds, and cultures can step away from the hamster wheel of life to rest and refuel themselves in the midst of COMMUNITY.
  2. ENCOURAGE women to build RELATIONSHIPS with other women, to inquire freely about God, and to find answers at their own pace.
  3. FOSTER a safe environment where women across South Austin and it’s surrounding suburbs can LOVE ordinary people extraordinarily.

How do you do this?

Once a quarter, Bannockburn Church will host a community-wide event especially for women. Save this page to your Favorites tab and/or Like us on Facebook to stay informed of all upcoming activities.

The 2016 community-wide events are:

  • February 5-6 | IF:Bannockburn
  • March 31 | Dinner with Sarah Harmeyer
  • April – August | IF:Tables
  • TBD
  • TBD

How can I get involved?

If you would like to participate on the 512 Leader Team, please email 512@bbcfamily.com.

Can I invite my friends and/or my place of worship?

Yes! Our heart is to build community with women of various ages, religious backgrounds and cultures. We desire to create a safe environment where everyone can dialogue and inquire about God freely, without judgment.



Dinner with Sarah Harmeyer

Join women from Bannockburn and our neighboring Austin communities for dinner with Sarah Harmeyer, founder of Neighbor’s Table and an IF:Gathering speaker, on March 31, at 6:30PM in the South Austin Family Center Gym. This is a community-wide event for women of all ages.

Who is Sarah?

Sarah Harmeyer is the founder of Neighbor’s Table, a concept born from her personal passion for gathering people, and her desire to get to know her own neighbors. She has personally witnessed how lives are transformed when people gather around the table and share their stories. Sarah asked her father to build a cedar farmhouse style table big enough to seat 20. They placed it under the oak tree in her backyard in Dallas Texas, dropped chandeliers overhead, and started inviting. Sarah set a goal to serve 500 that year, one dinner party after another. The 500th guest walked up her driveway on Thanksgiving Day. Now four years later, more than 2000 people have celebrated at the original Neighbor’s Table. The power of community that now regularly happens at the original Neighbor’s Table has spurred a desire to launch a movement – a love mission, if you will. Sarah’s vision is to have tables in backyards across the US, placing them in every state by 2020. Together, Sarah and her father are building more than custom handcrafted tables. They are growing a Neighbor’s Table family and network worldwide.

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