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Missions Month

February is MISSIONS MONTH at BBC!!

This month we kick off our new missions...MISSION 1:8.  

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Your mission team has been hard at work the last few months creating a new vision for missions. We now have three goals:

KNOW - We want you to be aware of what is happening in the world and how we are responding. 

GIVE - We want you to prayerfully giving to missions to support our partners. And we will do a better job of letting you know what happens with those donations.
GO - We want you to engage in missions.

We also have spent months exploring what we do in comparison to Acts 1:8...our model for missions. The team looked long and hard at our Jerusalem (Central Texas), Judea (Texas), Samaria (Nation) and End of the Earth (World). We found we had some gaps and are working hard to fill those.

For more information on all things missions you can visit our page by clicking HERE

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As of February 13th, we have raised $22,265!

During February, we are asking you to prayerfully consider helping us raise $40,000 to bless our partners.

It will distributed as follows:

Baptist Community Center        $5,000
Baptist Student Ministry            $2,500
Soup Kitchen                            $2,500
Helping Hands - DS                  $2,500
Tiger Totes - DS                       $2,000
Food Pantry - Manor                 $2,500

Crossroads Community             $8,000
Dallas - Student Trip                  $1,000
San Francisco - Student Trip     $1,000

Guatemala - Church Plant          $5,000
India - ALM                                 $3,000
Mexico                                        $5,000

You can give online by clicking here - and selecting Mission 1:8 in the dropdown menu.

Any amount donated above the goal will be divided between the Cooperative Program and local ministries.

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