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Spending time daily with God through reading the Bible and prayer is one of the most effective things you can do to have a deep walk with Jesus. Through the resources below, our desire is that you find a plan or process that works for you and that you start, or continue, on your journey in spending time daily with Jesus.

2016 Chronological Bible Reading Plan

We are reading chronologically through the Bible in 2016 and we encourage you to join us. We will use George Guthrie’s, Reading God’s Story, as a guide. You can access the reading plan online for free on YouVersion.com, or you can purchase the printed version that includes daily devotional content in addition to the daily Scripture reading here: bnck.co/2016bible.

This week’s readings are:

June 5: 1 Kings 7-8, Psalm 11
June 6: 2 Chronicles 4-7, Psalm 134, 136
June 7: Psalm 146-150
June 8: 1 Kings 9, 2 Chronicles 8, Proverbs 25-26
June 9: Passage of your choice!
June 10: Proverbs 27-29
June 11: Ecclesiastes 1-6

Other Reading Plans

We highly recommend you visit Bible.com for a variety of other reading plans, daily devotionals and various online translations of the Bible. Reading plans vary in length from one week to one week and can be customized around your interests or preferences. Get started by visiting Bible.com.

By using the Daily Bible Reading Plan (PDF), you can read through the entire Bible in one year. This is a favorite plan of many who have taken the challenge!


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