Constitutions & Bylaws

May 22, 2016

To: Bannockburn Members
From: Mary Beth Scott, Chairman of the Trustees
Subject: Revised BBC Constitution and Bylaws

In compliance with the current Bylaws, the Trustees and an ad hoc team of three (3) people have been meeting over the last twelve months to review and update the Constitution and Bylaws. This six-member team is comprised of Mary Beth Scott (Trustee), Mark Hey (Trustee), Dan Kelley (Trustee), Roberta Grant (ad hoc), Jack Kelly (ad hoc), and Mike McKinney (ad hoc).

Attached please find a draft of the revised Constitution and Bylaws dated May 22, 2016. This team respectfully requests that you review these documents and make any comments you desire in accordance with the guidelines appearing at the end of this letter.

A brief overview of each of the revised articles is listed below. Editorial changes were made throughout the Constitution and Bylaws to incorporate modern language and to improve readability. The list below summarizes the major changes to the documents, but each member is encouraged to read the Constitution and Bylaws in their entirety for minor or editorial changes.


Article II – Mission

  • Changed the title from ‘Mission and Objectives’ to ‘Mission.’
  • Updated the Mission statement.

Article III – Strategy

  • Changed the title from ‘Core Values’ to ‘Strategy.’
  • Deleted previous statements about our core values and replaced with our four-fold strategy of fulfilling the Great Commission as outlined in Matthew 28.

Article IV – Foundational Statements of Faith

  • Added statements on Marriage, Sexuality and Divorce.

Article V – Church Covenant

  • Changed the word ‘engage’ to ‘covenant.’

Article VI – Ordinances

  • Revised the explanation of the symbolism of baptism by immersion.

Article VIII – Amendments

  • Changed the title from ‘Amendments of Constitution’ to ‘Amendments.’
  • Revised this section to mirror wording used in the Bylaws.

Added a “Document Change History” section.


Article I – Church Membership

  • Removed sections entitled, ‘The Preparation Principle,’ ‘The Prevention Principle,’ ‘The Structure Principle,’ and ‘The Expectation Principle.’
  • Revised Voting Rights of Members to include additional information concerning absentee ballots and the ability to vote in absentia through a Limited Power of Attorney.
  • Revised the makeup of the review committee to consider exclusion of members (Discipline of Members, §1.6.2).

Article II – Church Meetings

  • Changed number of days (from 60 days to 70 days) after the close of the business quarter for scheduling a regular business meeting to allow adequate time for preparation.
    Deleted the sentence, “The church shall elect annually a clerk of the church.” The election and duties of the Church Clerk are now addressed in §7.10.
  • Provided consistent language on voting procedures at business meetings in this Article and throughout the Bylaws.
    Updated the list of “Propositions requiring absentee and written ballots” to accurately include all items that require such voting procedures.

Article III – Ordinances

  • Deleted §3.1.4 and §3.1.5 as unnecessary statements on the administering of baptism.

Article IV – Pastor

  • Condensed §4.1.2 through §4.1.7 to one, bulleted section. Used biblical terminology from the English Standard Version of the Bible. §4.1 provides reference to Titus 1 and 1 Timothy 3, but does not provide a detailed discussion of each qualification.
  • Revised §4.2 through §4.6 to provide more information on the duties of the Senior Pastor, procedures to be followed when the Senior Pastor position is vacant, and who will assume leadership of the Church if the Pastor is incapacitated or if the office of the Pastor is vacant.

Article V – Church Employees (previously Article VI)

  • Updated terminology describing Church Employees.

Article VI – Deacon Ministry (previously Article V)

  • Simplified descriptions of the purpose, duties, and qualifications of Deacons.
  • Revised Deacon qualifications. Used biblical terminology from the English Standard Version of the Bible. Scripture references are provided, but does not provide a detailed discussion of each qualification.

Article VII – Elected Ministry Teams (previously Article VIII)

  • Collapsed the Trustee Ministry Team (previously a standalone Article VII) to §7.3.
  • Deleted the term ‘Church Deacon Ministry Team’ from the Elected Ministry Team Article.
  • Added the word ‘non-voting’ to the sentence, “The Pastor or his designee is a non-voting, ex- officio member of these teams.”
  • Listed the qualifications to serve on an Elected Ministry Team (§7.2.2).
  • Added language stating that when a vacancy occurs on an Elected Ministry Team, the Nominating Ministry Team will present a slate of nominees to the Church for election to that team. Current members of an Elected Ministry Team previously elected by the Church, whose term has not yet expired, are not re-elected annually as a part of the vote.
  • Collapsed a section on removing an Elected Ministry Team (previously §8.10) into § All additional details not listed in the Bylaws have been included in the Ministry Team Guidelines document, which governs and is used by all Elected Ministry Teams.
  • Removed detailed discussion on how Elected Ministry Teams function. The Bylaws now refer to the Ministry Team Guidelines document.
  • Created § to give authority to the Trustees to deny the use of Church property or assets to any person or organization that does not align with our Statement on Marriage, Sexuality and Divorce as listed in the Constitution.
  • Added clarifying language to §7.6 (previously §8.6) as to the role of the Finance Ministry Team regarding their duties and responsibilities in relation to Bannockburn Christian Academy and Kingdom Kids Weekday.
  • Revised §7.8 to better reflect the duties of the Missions Ministry Team.
  • Added §7.10 to define the duties and responsibilities of the Church Clerk.

Article VIII – Volunteer and Appointed Ministry Teams (previously Article IX)

  • Simplified information in this Article. All additional details not listed in the Bylaws have been included in the Ministry Team Guidelines document.

Article IX – Church Financial Records and Reporting (previously Article XI)

  • Added language stating that if the Finance Ministry Team declines to follow a recommendation from an external financial audit, the reason for the declination should be submitted to the Trustees for review.

Previous Article X – Program Organizations was deleted.

Article X – Multi-Site Operations (previously Article XII)

  • Added a new section outlining the process for the launch of a new multi-site campus.

Article XI – Discontinuance and Tax Exempt Purpose (previously Article XIII)

Article XII – Amendments (previously Article XIII)

  • Revised to indicate that proposed amendments to the Constitution and/or Bylaws may be submitted to the Trustees. Upon majority approval of the Trustees, the proposed amendments shall be presented to the Church. Additional information on the voting process has been included.

Article XIII – Effects and Date of Adoption (previously Article XIV)

Added a “Document Change History” section.

After reading the draft of the Constitution and Bylaws, you may have questions or wish to comment on the revisions. Please follow the guidelines below if you choose to respond to the team:

  • All input must be in writing.
  • If there is a Biblical question or comment, please cite your biblical reference(s) and an explanation of what should be changed and why. Please be specific.
  • Written comments can be submitted via one of the following methods:
  • Please respond no later than 12PM on Monday, June 6, 2016.
  • If changes are deemed necessary, a revised Constitution and Bylaws proposal will be prepared and will be made available at all three campuses on Sunday, June 12, 2016.
  • Absentee voting for the adoption of the updated Constitution and Bylaws will be conducted in the Church office Tuesday, June 21, 2016 through Friday, June 24, 2016, for those unable to vote at the special business meeting on June 26, 2016.
  • A special business meeting to vote on the updated Constitution and Bylaws will be held on Sunday, June 26, 2016, at 6PM.
  • After combining the absentee votes with the written ballot votes cast at the special business meeting, if three-fourths (3/4) of the qualified voting members approve the updated Constitution and Bylaws, they shall become effective immediately and shall supersede the existing Constitution and Bylaws.

BBC Constitution

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