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Inspiring Generations

College (18-25)

Ready to start your life? Start in the Word, and with lasting friends.

Developing lasting friendships based in the Word.

College Class

When: Sunday mornings, 11 AM
Where: Second floor of the Family Center. (Down the hallway to your left, then up the stairs.)

You'll smell the coffee on your way to starting new, lasting friendships. We're not kidding -- we have coffee. Good coffee.

The college class is small, and provides an intimate setting where we can do a deep dive in the Word of God without fear or self-consciousness. The friends you make here will be lasting, especially as you get ready to start your "real" adult life after college. Build your foundation here.

The College Class is led by Jason and Carrie McKinley.

Inspiring GenerationsInspiring Generations.

Guiding generations to become passionate followers of Jesus Christ, one home at a time.