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Memorizing Scripture Wk 6 – Romans 8:28

February 8, 2013

This is one of the most memorized Scripture verses and it should be as a Christian can draw great strength from this verse in Romans.  As I seek to renew my mind with His word, I need to understand how He is always working for my good.  I need to remember that His way and thoughts are NOT my ways and thoughts but He is still working for my good.

“We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God:  those who are called according to His purpose.”  Romans 8:28 (HCSB)

Scripture Thoughts:

We know - that is me!  I am supposed to know and understand this verse.  If I look above this verse, I need to understand that Paul has been talking about our struggles and our sufferings that we encounter when we live for Christ.  Christ, in dying for me, conquered sin and broke my slavery to sin.  However, the world is still with sin and I am very capable of sinning even though I am not a slave to sin.  I will struggle but I now have the help of the Holy Spirit in me for this struggle!  I need to KNOW this so I can REMEMBER what God is doing for me.

All things together - Everything.  All.  What is not covered in this simple phrase.  God is in control and is sovereign.  He has a plan to even set the world free from its corruption!  Read about that a few verses above in 8:21

Good - This is Awesome.  God is working for my good!  My problem is that I too often interpret this as my definition of good….health, wealth, no problems, no issues, peace on earth, etc…..anything that gives me satisfaction and is focused on my desires of the flesh.  I need to understand that this good is His good and I need to seek to align my views with His views of this definition.  God’s plan for my good may include health, wealth, and peace on earth…..however, I KNOW God’s plan for my good includes Joy, Love, Hope, and Peace with Him.  The fruit of the Spirit in Galations 5:22 comes to mind as I dwell on this.  He is working for my good and I need to renew my mind by seeing His perspective of good!

Love God - Do I love God?  What does this mean?  Do I call him Daddy?  I loved my earthly father and I called him Dad.  I LOVE my heavenly father and call Him “Abba” – Daddy.  He is first in my life and I need to love him with ALL my HEART, with ALL my SOUL, with ALL my MIND (read Matthew 22:37).

Called - He is calling everyone.  He has called me and I have answered Him.  I have heard His voice.  Have you?

According to His Purpose – He has a purpose for me.  In answering His call, I need to realize that He has a purpose for me.  He saved me DESPITE my sins, my selfishness, my pursuit of my way.  He did the work that I could not do in breaking my bonds to sin.  He has a purpose for me and to me it is very simple – SERVE HIM FOR HIS GLORY!

That is GOOD


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  • Mary Green February 8th, 2013 9:39 am

    I love that we can call God “Daddy” – and I thank God that I had an earthly Daddy who allowed me to see God in him. I still remember the first time I learned that Abba meant Daddy; it broke my heart and blessed my heart to picture our God as my loving Daddy. I try to remind myself of this closeness and keep it in mind, but we can lose sight of it and allow ourselves to become somewhat distant–respectful, but not experiencing that father/child closeness. I was blessed when watching a recent episode of the TV show NCIS (yes, God works in mysterious ways!). The father of one of the Jewish agents was killed. When she saw her father, she ran to him in grief and love calling out, “Abba! Oh, Abba!” over and over as she dropped to her knees and hugged him and clung to him. It gave me a “visual” of the use of the word “Abba” in it’s human context (somewhat like a parable) and a truly beautiful picture of how God wants us to love HIm and how He LOVES US.

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